About Us


Hammond Home Renovations is an owner operator building and remodelling services company managed by Robert Hammond since 1990. Known for inspirational designs and exceptional craftsmanship, we provide construction and alteration of homes, warehouses and office buildings. Maintaining a solid reputation of reliability and professionalism; we work towards all alteration and remodelling work with dedication. Be it fixing your bathroom floor or remodeling your kitchen, our skilled and experienced team handle everything from minor repairs to major remodelling.

Here at Hammond Home Renovations, we believe in innovative home renovation concepts ideas and we employ superior renovation methods which are both functional and practical whilst adding value to your property. Our Customer's ideas and designs are given priority and we help you achieve the desired result. We work closely with our customers from the beginning till the very end. Our experienced team delivers a superior experience starting from the excavation and demolition process to painting and floor covering. Timely delivery is our forte even though we have numerous projects commencing regularly. From new office construction to existing home remodelling, anything and everything is safe in our capable hands.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the construction industry, Robert Hammond has carved his own personal niche in the renovation market with the finest quality workmanship. He constantly motivates the team to rise to incredible standards and deliver a cost efficient product to customers. Attention to detail and absolute dedication make his work notable among other competitors.